Fees for the Year 2021

“Two qualities that we really admire in people are Integrity and Transparency. These qualities represent our company.” ~ JCG

Generally speaking our average fee is $40.00/Hour. This usually refers to one time tasks/custom jobs and a parameter to create estimates.

For recurrent tasks, like editing, optimizing, publishing and promoting blog posts, we charge $35/hour.

A recurrent job means that is done at least once a month.

Optimizing pages for Search Engines = $40/page

WordPress Maintenance

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Fees

*Includes 1 back up/month out of WP

  • One Site = $65.00
  • One Site + 1 Sub-Domain = $85.00
  • One Site + 2 Sub-Domains = $100.00
  • One Site + Unlimited Sub-Domains = $150.00

Other monthly maintenance fees are for example “Mailing List Maintenance” @$20/month.

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Once we understand what you need, we can send you a written estimate for the whole project.

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